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    Issue 4 2023

    End of year issue celebrating nursing innovation in Spain,  the first Angels Day in Greece, and the world’s leading expert in brain trauma and stroke in Ukraine.

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  • ISSUE 3 2023

    Special edition focusing on excellence in prehospital stroke care, with stories from Hungary, Spain, Poland, Italy, Malaysia and Ukraine.


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    ISSUE 2 2023

    Stroke care improvement masterclass from Italy, diamond hospitals in the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine, and quality monitoring bright spots in Portugal. 

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  • dewdew

    Issue 1 2023

    Stroke care from the heart in Poland, how data drives change in Spain, a stroke rescue marathon in Romania, and a story about leaving your legacy from Brazil. 

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  • gyugyu

    ISSUE 4 2022

    Read about the courage under fire of the Ukrainian stroke community, shortcuts to success in Italy and Romania, and a win-win-strategy from Salta, Argentina. 

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  • dewswe

    ISSUE 3 2022

    Strategies for treating at CT, FAST Heroes of Kyrgyzstan, nursing in the angio suite, pathway simulations in South Africa, and small things with big impact. 

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